Edward Hicks Parry established the standard for service that this award commemorates. He served as president of the Wyncote Bird Club for 25 years and compiler for the Christmas Bird Count for 53 years. His leadership led to the creation of the Crosswicks Wildlife Sanctuary. Parry was a principal and key supporter of the initiatives which transformed the Wyncote Bird Club into a chapter of the National Audubon Society.
Recipients of the Parry Award are honored for their distinguished service to the Wyncote Audubon Society. The Wyncote Audubon Board of Directors acknowledges that their work is significant and worthy of recognition

parry09The list of recipients of the Edward Hicks Parry Award includes:

  • Betty Derbyshire
  • Dale and Jeanette Twining
  • Bertram and Ruth Zumeta
  • James Lindemann
  • Rob Roy
  • Dorothy Taylor
  • Muriel Happich
  • Jean Seder
  • Leigh Altadonna
  • Henry Kurtz
  • The Wyncote Photo Club
  • Cliff Hence
  • Martin Selzer
  • Jane Henderson
  • Lynn C. Jackson
  • Rich Conroy
  • Marlene Morano