The Delaware River Basin Needs Your Help!

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Advocacy, Conservation

We have a short time to act before Congress signs off on the fiscal year 2020 budget!

Congress will vote by December 20 on the Interior Appropriations bill, which contains funding for the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program.
The Delaware River Basin Restoration Program is a non-regulatory program that will provide funding and technical assistance to nonprofits and local governments for on-the-ground projects to
combat critical issues facing the basin, such as habitat degradation, invasive species, and water pollution. The basin supplies drinking water to over 13 million people across five states –
Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland – and our clean water depends on federal investment.

The basin provides habitat for over 400 species of resident and migrant birds, as well as fish, mammals, and other wildlife. Several threatened or endangered species also call the basin home,
such as the Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon and the dwarf wedge mussel.

Please note that Senator Casey and Representatives Madeliene Dean, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Chrissy Houlahan signed a “Bicameral Letter” authored by Senator Coons and Representative Brenden
Boyle. The letter indicated support for increased funding! Please be sure to thank them for their support!

Lend your voice through the New Jersey Audubon Society to let Congress know you need them to approve the full allocation of funding to support the work of the coalition for our important
restoration work for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people!


Image by Doug German