Support the Forage Fish Conservation Act

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Advocacy, Conservation

Today, there are three hundred million fewer seabirds in the world than there were in 1950, a population decline of seventy percent. These magnificent birds such as Atlantic Puffins, Least Terns, and Bald Eagles rely on fish as their primary food source, but they often can’t find enough to eat. Forage fish are small, schooling fish such as anchovies and sardines that fuel the entire marine ecosystem. The Forage Fish Conservation Act aims to change the way fish are managed to include the dietary needs of seabirds, marine mammals, and more. The bill would allow these essential fish populations to rebound and become more stable so that the seabirds and other marine mammals, other wildlife, people, and economies can coexist.

The good news is that Representatives Brendan Boyle, Madeleine Dean, and Brian Fitzpatrick have all signed on as sponsors for this legislation. Please reach out and thank them, on behalf of Wyncote Audubon, for their support! If you are a constituent of Congressman Dwight Evans, please reach out to him and ask him to cosponsor. Reach out to our Pennsylvania Senators and urge them to introduce or co-sponsor a senate version of the bill.

We need to reach out to our Senators to urge them to introduce a companion Senate version of the Forage Fish Conservation Act. Send our Senators an email to urge them to act.


We Need Our Anglers To Reach Out to Senator Toomey

Many members of Audubon enjoy a variety of outdoor pursuits including fishing. Anglers have a particularly good perspective on just how important it is to protect forage fish like river herring and shad even if your fishing pursuits do not take you to streams, lakes, rivers, or other aquatic ecosystems where forage fish are found. We need your help now more than ever!

Audubon Pennsylvania is reaching out to charter boat and fishing guides who make a living by engaging with anglers. Their voice is critical to our efforts to persuade Pat Toomey to support the Forage Fish Conservation Act. This important legislation will not only protect fish and the birds that eat them but also provides economic benefit to commercial fishing guides across the Commonwealth.

Time is of the essence as we have an October 15 deadline. Please contact Valerie Peckham, Audubon Pennsylvania Field Organizer, at to help us connect with anglers like you who care. Thank you in advance for any support you can provide!