Get Involved

Get Involved

A Warm Wyncote Welcome

We love getting together to share the joy of birds. Whether that’s gathering for a field trip, attending a program, or sharing our individual birding stories, there’s a sense of community that warms and strengthens each of us. Explore all of the opportunities to come together to support birds, their habitats, and the places we share!

Trips & Events

Trips & Events

There’s always something happening at Wyncote. Join us for a local bird walk, one of our monthly programs, or a special event. 

Eastern Bluebird

Community Science

There’s room for everyone in community science programs and we’ll happily match you with one that suits your interests.

Team Swifts - Birdathon


Join the annual Greater Philadelphia Birdathon. Gather bird sightings and raise funds for local conservation projects.


Come share your time, fellowship, and hidden talents with Wyncote.

There’s a place for everyone!

Get Involved