Bats and their Fight with White-Nose Syndrome in Pennsylvania

Bats and their Fight with White-Nose Syndrome in Pennsylvania

First documented in New York during the winter of 2006-07, White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) surfaced in Pennsylvania in 2008 which began a very steep decline in our cave bats. WNS refers to a white fungus on the muzzles and wing membranes of affected bats which is a symptom but not the cause of mortality occurring in hibernating bat colonies throughout a large portion of the eastern United States and Canada. This program will share information about the current understanding of WNS and its impact on the cave bats of Pennsylvania.

About Dan Mummert

Dan Mummert is the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Wildlife Diversity Biologist for Southeastern Pennsylvania. His role with the PGC is to help conserve Pennsylvania's approximately 100 bird and mammal species of concern. Before his employment with the PGC, Dan worked as a wildlife biologist in California, Utah, Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, and western Pennsylvania. Dan has bachelor and master’s degrees in wildlife conservation from University of Delaware and Northern Arizona University, respectively.

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