Eastern Screech Owl by Jennifer Sherwood

Eastern Screech Owl by Jennifer Sherwood

Crosswicks is a National Audubon Society Sanctuary, solely maintained and managed by the Wyncote Audubon Chapter and the neighbors who are members of the “Friends of Crosswicks”. It comprises about 13 acres, mostly wooded with several small streams. Trails give access to bird sites and planted areas.

The Sanctuary is located in Abington Township, Montgomery County, 1 1/2 miles east of Jenkintown, 10 miles north of Philadelphia’s City Hall. The main entrance is at Delene and Crosswicks Roads.

So that it might be preserved in perpetuity as a refuge for birds and other wildlife, the property was donated to the National Audubon Society in 1956 and 1959 by a small group of local residents. Since then, dedicated neighbors have banded together as the “Friends of Crosswicks” to enjoy and protect its beauty and wildlife.

The public is invited to visit and enjoy the area. We ask only your cooperation in maintaining the Sanctuary in a state of natural beauty. The Sanctuary Committee is responsible for conducting walks, clearing trails and maintaining birdhouses and shelters.

Four special areas in Crosswicks have been dedicated to early and active Wyncote Audubon members: the Esther Heacock Trail (marked yellow), the John Dornan Pathway (green), the Edward Hicks Parry Meadow (blue) and the Elsie Acker Trail (red).

The Friends of Crosswicks Needs You!

Help is needed to improve trails, discourage invasive plants and re-plant native species. Please consider volunteering to help by contacting Leigh Altadonna

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