Please share your enthusiasm for birding by supporting Wyncote Audubon Society’s annual campaign. Your gift will support bird walks, bird talks, and education programs that open eyes to birds, encourage appreciation of the natural world, and inspire conservation action in local backyards, schools, and neighborhoods.

Wyncote Audubon is an all-volunteer organization that has pursued its mission to protect birds and their habitats for over a century.  Our work continues to focus on programs and projects in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. All of this is aided by the support we receive from our members and friends throughout the region.

We ask for your support once again to help Wyncote Audubon to:

– Work with our Audubon Adventures schools to provide teachers with instructional materials, lessons and resources for students at no cost in order to:

  • Teach the basics of bird identification and how to attract birds to their backyards.
  • Lead young people on schoolyard bird walks with binoculars we loan.
  • Get students ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count on Presidents’ Weekend.
  • Act to mitigate bird collisions with windows at school and home.

– Continue and expand our support for Bird Safe Philly.

  • Work with our volunteers to reach out to garden clubs, civic associations, and other community organizations to take action to stop bird collisions with glass at their residences and places of work

– Support the expansion of the Bird Town Pennsylvania Program to area municipalities.

– Teach diverse audiences about the benefits of native plants for birds.

– Continue to provide outstanding monthly programs from September through May.

Please help us build on our accomplishments and help us expand our youth programs by making your contribution to the 2022 annual campaign.

Your gift will support our efforts to engage young birders, encourage everyone’s appreciation of the natural world, and inspire conservation action in local backyards, schools, and neighborhoods.

kids-hawkwatchHelp young people connect with birds!

Wyncote Audubon volunteers work with elementary and middle school students as part of our educational outreach about birds and bird protection. Students participate in an array of activities and learn to focus on the many beautiful birds just outside their windows and doors.

Our volunteers encourage students to take delight in identifying birds and their behaviors, and to appreciate the value of healthy habitats for birds and for people.

Wyncote Audubon volunteers make presentations during the school year on migration and bird identification, lead guided bird walks on the school grounds and nearby locations, and provide technical support for creating local bird habitats. Young birders have WAS volunteer support when they visit the Militia Hill Hawk Watch in September, participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count in February, and celebrate International Migratory Bird Day in May.

“My students were astonished by the number of species they could find and identify on our school grounds. They have a new appreciation for the challenges birds face, especially during migration.” -Audubon Adventures Teacher

Help people of all ages connect with birds!

kids-leigh-programWyncote Audubon volunteers lead local bird walks for beginners at parks, sanctuaries and other sites to engage the public in bird watching and appreciation.

Walk participants are given bird identification guides and can borrow binoculars from walk leaders.

“I truly enjoy being with the group as I continue to attempt to remember the birds – peter-peter! What a wonderful, welcoming group you all are. Thanks again.” – Walk participant at Lorimer Park

Wyncote Audubon participates in community days, bird festivals, and other events where there is a focus on community organizations and bird friendly activities. Our volunteers set up tables and displays to provide information about bird conservation and encourage interest in our programs, activities and membership.

Perhaps the most important work we do is to extend an open invitation to everyone to experience the joys of birding. People who personally experience birds will learn to care for birds, for their habitats, and for the conservation efforts that will keep birds with us for future generations.

Many thanks for everything you do for birds!


Leigh J. Altadonna, President

Wyncote Audubon Society is a 501(c)3 organization. Contributions to Wyncote Audubon Society are tax deductible as allowable by law. Please consult your tax advisor.