Audubon Education

Help young people connect with birds!

Wyncote Audubon volunteers work with elementary and middle school students as part of our educational outreach about birds and bird protection. Students participate in an array of activities and learn to focus on the many beautiful birds just outside their windows and doors.

Our volunteers encourage students to take delight in identifying birds and their behaviors, and to appreciate the value of healthy habitats for birds and for people.

Wyncote Audubon volunteers make presentations during the school year on migration and bird identification, lead guided bird walks on the school grounds and nearby locations, and provide technical support for creating local bird habitats. Young birders have WAS volunteer support when they visit the Militia Hill Hawk Watch in September, participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count in February, and celebrate International Migratory Bird Day in May.

“My students were astonished by the number of species they could find and identify on our school grounds. They have a new appreciation for the challenges birds face, especially during migration.” -Audubon Adventures Teacher

Audubon Adventures Teacher